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Std symptoms testing

I had a risky exposure 122 day ago, then i took pep with in 72 hour and completed for 28 days, after finishing pep i took 4th gen ag/ab test after 55 days post exposure, 25 day post pep,  2nd test is a 4th gen test 66 day post exposure/37 day post pep,  3rd test is also  4th gen test, 4th test is also 4th gen test 76 days post exposure/ 46 day post pep,5th test is a 3rd generation elisa antibody test after 110 day post exposure/81 day post pep, 6th test again a forth generation test after 122 day post exposure/92 day post pep, all test result are negative, but i have some symptoms like sore throat and acne on face and back, after 105 days post exposure, as I mentioned above that i have tested by 4th generation test after 122 days post exposure,This was the time when it had been 20 days since I had the symptoms and still persisting, but my test result is negative during these symptoms,Is this symptoms related to ars? Does pep delay seroconversion till 105 days?
And plz clear me if this symptoms related to ars then why 4th generation test couldn't pick This and why it didn't show positive in reports?

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Again ur are asking same question ars symptoms starts between 2-6weeks after exposure not forever
And any 4th gen tests are conclusive after 45days from last dose of pep
Are suffering from anxiety nothing else
U never had hiv.
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Glad to give the answers you need.
1. No, your symptoms are not related to HIV. HIV seroconversion does not have specific symptoms and is not diagnosed based on symptoms.
HIV is only diagnosed based on test result (that is called "gold standard")
Your tests results are negative = you do not have HIV.
2. PEP does not delay seroconversion for that long. Your test results are very conclusive.
3. HIV tests are very reliable. They "couldn't pick it up" because you have nothing to pick up. You don't have HIV.
4. You are experiencing serious mental issues. Anxiety developed into full-blown paranoia.
You need counseling. You need to seek help.
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