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Is my hiv test conclusive?

Hello, thanks for all you do. I already read many questions similar to mine, but I can’t get this anxiety out of my head.
I’m from Italy, I took a 3rd gen test (the Mylan self test, with fingerpick blood) at 8 weeks after a high risk exposure  (unprotected receptive vaginal with man of unknown status). It was just one time but I’m so scared and I feel very guilty. I’m never putting my healt at risk again.
I had possible ARS seroconversion symptoms after almost 4 weeks. If that was actually seroconversion, would the fingerpick test still pick it up?
Or it’s possible it was false negative? I’m a young healthy  21yo.
Do I need to retest at 3 months or can I move on? Thanks.
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If you had been experiencing seroconversion symptoms, you would have tested positive.

It is HIGHLY unlikely that an 8-week test result would change, but since you are so anxious, you can take ANY antibody test at 12 weeks post-exposure and be 100% at peace that you do not have HIV.
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Thanks I feel a bit better.
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Hello. Yes, so you did have a risk. Unprotected vaginal sex is one of the three risks (unprotected vaginal, unprotected anal or sharing IV needles to inject drugs). I want you to know that it is a very low risk. Less than on percent chance that there would be hiv transmission from what you describe. So, highly unlikely!  However, a third generation test is not considered conclusive until 12 weeks. You need to test again at that time or take a 4th generation duo hiv test now to be conclusive. I'd expect it to be negative. Symptoms are not used to diagnose and would not think you are having symptoms of hiv. Test again either now with a 4th generation test or at 12 weeks with another 3rd generation test but would not worry about it changing from negative.
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Thanks for your answer. But why the doctors on here actually say at 8 week an antibody test is conclusive? I’m even more confused now.
4th generation tests are conclusive at 28 days and beyond and all other tests including third generation are conclusive at 12 weeks. That is the consensus of HIV experts and testing.
I’m sorry but I read many other posts on this site answered by the two doctors and they said it’s basically impossible for a test at 8 weeks to change. I will get another one , but I’m just so confused.
This is a moderated forum and you say you have been to the site before. Nothing that is inaccurate remains and this information is given over and over. 3rd generation tests are not conclusive until 12 weeks. That's the official time guideline by testing sites as well as HIV experts in the field. I'm sorry it isn't what you want to hear. But we give factual information on the forum. The test is unlikely to change as I said and especially given your less than one percent chance of transmission. But the time frame is firm. Not conclusive until 12 weeks for a 3rd generation test. Get a 4th gen now if you are feeling like you can't wait.
The information is not confusing, it just makes you uncomfortable. I'm sorry about that but it is accurate.
I understand. But the doctors don’t answer here?
Have you ever spoken to anyone about anxiety? I get a sense that this plagues you. this is a moderated forum. Meaning that professionals are overseeing responses and remove inaccuracies.
Best of luck to you. There really isn't anything to add to retest for confirmation of your negative at 12 weeks or with a 4th generation now and expect the result to be negative.
My anxiety is from the fact that i have some problems in getting the test. I live in a very small southern Italian city. I’m absolutely terrified everyone is gonna know if I go to the hospital. I know some people that work there. If I purchase the same test (antibodies only) on the 12 weeks mark is that also reliable or should I go to the hospital?
Same test at 12 weeks is considered conclusive.
I would think of it as reconfirming your negative result.
So it’s basically impossible my test is gonna be positive? What are the odds? Sorry for so many questions but this is something that could ruin my entire life and I’m only 21 .and my family would stop paying for my university and throw me out of my home. I’m so scared.
We've really answered everything we can and am sorry about your anxiety. But you need to stay focused and manage that. Anxiety makes you want certainty and we can't give it to you. If you can't get to a 4th generation test. I'd get retested at 12 weeks and expect it to also be negative and then it is conclusive. There really is nothing else to say. Take care.
Show the doctor post that you say you read here stating "it’s basically impossible for a test at 8 weeks to change"
There were many posts stating that by doctor Hansdsfield and doctor Hook.
There is nothing else for any of us to say here but to get your confirming test at 8 weeks. Likely to be negative too. Good luck to you
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