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On valacyclovir while hiv test

I was taking valacyclovir for one month and tested for HIV 55 days after exposure, Does valacyclovir affect the HIV test?

I tested negative with HIV1/2 AB/AG

Some people says it’s similar to prep or pep and it does delay hiv antigen and antibodies is that true
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What was your exposure, first of all?  We always get that first.  Acyclovir will not interfere with your test.  If you took a 4th generation test, it' accurate at 55 days.
Unprotected vaginal
Okay, thank you.  You tested in the appropriate time frame and no, the medication will not interfere with your result.  There is less than 1 percent chance of hiv transmission from a one time unprotected vaginal intercourse exposure, so am not surprised you are negative.  And yes, you ARE negative.
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I heard that pinal vaginal sex is really very hard to get but now I’m scared again

Thank you for  helping people here

Forgive me, I’m human and I do feel scared and stressed deep inside me
That’s why I’m asking too many questions
And I know you are not therapist

Sorry man
I will not ask anymore question I will move on

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I understand I have last two questions please

1- does acute HIV infection cause Covid-19 test to be false positive?

2-from your experience did you see or know any heterosexual man got HIV from insertive penis to vagina ? (I’m not saying it’s impossible I’m just asking)

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1. NO
2. YES

We can't keep answering every question that pops into your head. We are all volunteers and we help in our free time. You are conclusively HIV-negative and it is time to move on from this event.
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What I took I think is antiviral medicine, I asked the question because some people said it may delay the antibodies to show in HIV test

Thank you guys for your response
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Bro. We already answered you. I already said that THIS site is moderated and guided by doctors that specialize in HIV. We can't keep answering the same question over and over.
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Do I need to take another hiv test ?
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No don't test again. When you go for an annual check-up your doctor doesn't make up 2 requisitions because one test is enough,
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No, it is not true. Maybe chemotherapy would affect your test but not what you took. What was your risk that you took an hiv test?
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Unprotected vaginal with unknown lady

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