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HIV through insertive oral sex, and herpes

I briefly received unprotected oral from a sex worker who said she was from Hong Kong, about 6 weeks ago.  I tested for all STDs and today learned that I tested positive for HSV-1 (herpes).  Difficulty with that result is I may have had oral herpes sometime earlier in my life, so no way to know if it is a recent infection.  I did not have any blisters or any other sores on my penis, but did have an occasional itch.  I've looked all over the Internet and know what the CDC and other sites say (little to no risk), but I also saw several reputable sites and MEDHELP forum say "no risk" for the insertive partner.  I did not have a rash, but did feel sick (fluish) about one week after the event for a few days with slight fever; no rash, no swelling of the lymph nodes.  I thought it maybe could be covid, but tested negative for covid. So I'm looking for feedback on any confirmed documented cases of the insertive partner getting infected with HIV, assuming I was infected with herpes from this event?  (co-infection) CDC seems to say there is increased risk.  I'm worried and am obsessing over this.  Any feedback would be appreciated
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No one has ever been infected from receiving oral sex, and obviously, some people have received oral sex while herpes was involved.  HSV only increases the risk IF you had a risk to begin with, which you did not.  It does not elevate a zero-risk event to a risk event.
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Thank you . . .Thank you so much for your patience and overall great service to a very stressed community of worriers like me.   Just wanted to confirm that the MEDHELP community leaders still are confident in saying that in over 40 years, no one has ever been infected from receiving oral sex, even if other STI's such as Herpes may have been passed on?   Seems there are several Internet sites that talk about "theoretical" possibilities, and not documented cases.  Do you know if physicians (such as Dr Handsfield, Dr Hook, Dr Gonzalez Garcia and others) are still saying that they still have not heard of any patients who got infected with HIV from receiving oral sex?  I only ask because it seems at some of the Internet sites, comments are made that sound like some Doctors or researchers believe there are rare cases that are not just theoretical possibilities).  
There is no evidence that anyone has been infected via receiving oral sex.  None.

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