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Hiv 1 p24 Ag, HIV 1/2 Ab negative at 35 days

I took the above test (combo 4th Generation) at the doctors 35 days after having protected sex with a CSW. I have severe anxiety about my sexual health. I tested for peace of mind as I couldn't remember if condom was on or off (anxiety) but being a legal brothel, the girls always use condoms for their obvious protection.

Is this combo test conclusive at 35 days.  Do I need to retest at all? The CSW continues to work so given that I can assume she is negative. Thank you for your help.
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Your problem isn't hiv. It's anxiety. You had no risk for HIV. HIV is only transmitted from having unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing IV needles to inject drugs.  You don't need to test if you use a condom. And your mind going in anxious spirals is the actual issue. talk to your doctor about this. You already know that the duo is conclusive at 28 days.
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Thank you, I appreciate your response. On my results, it says you should/may take another test at 42 days (6 weeks) if exposure was less than 42 days. This will be conclusive. I took mine at 35 days, would 1 week (7 days) change the result?

Thank you....
So, you are either ignoring what I said or not reading it. That's really hard on those of us who answer questions. NO RISK. Didn't need to test the first time. NO more tests. period
My apologies. Thank you for your replies., I appreciate it.
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