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Hiv dry cough?!

Hey doctors,

Im very scared that i have hiv. I had unprotected sex with a girl who has slept with over 20 people unprotected. I had vaginal sex with her a month ago. About a week later i noticed a dry cough. And it has been persistent and hasn't responded to Benadryl. It is still going on now 30 days after exposure. I have no had any fever or any other symptoms. Am i high risk for hiv? Is this a symptom? Have i passed the acute stage of hiv? Thanks for all answers im really scared and nervous.
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Dry cough alone is not a valid indication of HIV acute infection, having said that, sometime people do not experience any visible symptom but they are infected. So, symptom do not mean much.

You have exposed yourself to HIV risk through unprotected sex with someone  of unknown HIV status, therefore instead of focusing at meaningless symptoms, go and get yourself tested NOW. A 4th generation HIV Duo (Ag/Ab) test would rule out everything, collect your test report and move on with your life
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yes i agree with diver58 , u had a risk and get testing yourself is only the way to know your status and test at this stage will nice ..4th generation test will give your answer
and next time use condoms ,
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