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Hiv from reused lancet.

I reused a lancet to check for diabetes after an hiv infected person had used it.i had a 5minute interval.
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No, you cannot get HIV from a lancet.  The only puncture risk for HIV involves a hollow-bore needle with a syringe attached - the kind that is used for injections.

DO NOT re-use medical supplies like lancets, though.  You may run a risk for bacterial infections or Hepatitis B.
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However am concerned evenif the lancet had blood on it that would be no risk to me considering the little time interval?
I already answered that question.  Move on from this event.
Your original post was clear. Zero risk per the advice because hiv is dead in air.
Thank you guys,
The incident hapenned in uganda with a high hiv prevalence.
Is it still not a risk to worry about.
Just because of where you are and high hiv rate does not make a NON risk a risk. Risks are always the same and you didn't have one.
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