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Hiv from surface or toilets ?

Hey i been freaking out with this covid 19 risk at the same time it's making me worst with other virus risk as well.I been cleaning bathrooms every time i use with clorox but at the same time i don't feel like it's enough i have 3 more roommates. Anyways my question how much can hiv live outside surface i dropped my toilet paper roll on the floor
and picked up and used after.Was i at the risk thank you for the help everyone
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hiv is  a fragile virus which is instantly inactivated in air or saliva, so it is effectively dead in either of them. Only non sex risk is sharing hollow needles that you use for  injecting, but you don't do that so you are good.

Covid is quite robust, so you are right to fear surfaces that might be contaminated, however just make sure you wash or use disinfectant on your hands before touching your face. It does not live forever on surfaces, but treat every surface that someone else could have touched as a possible contamination zone and you will be ok. I wouldn't and don't use chlorox, just soap or hand sanitizer if you can find it.
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You did not have a risk for HIV from dropping the toilet paper roll on the floor. HIV is not spread on surfaces and can only infect inside the body.
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