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Hiv rash?

approximately 5 weeks after a potential hiv exposure i had a dozen or so spots, acne like appear on my chest. i have not broken out in acne for many years and given so many appeared at once i was wondering if this could be HIV related rash? I picked and squeezed alot of them  due stress and now it looks terrible.

I have since gone for HIV testing and am waiting the results, could i get a false negative if this was HIV (does the rash signify the window period is closed?


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yes..just relax
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wht was your risk?
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oral sex, menstural blood present
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well oral sex does not transmit hiv..even though there were some traces of menstrual blood present..
you can expect a negative result as you did not have a risk to begin with..
those acne might be due to stress
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the rash appeared 12 hours after a session of bikram yoga (was very hot in that class room) regardless i have convinced myself i have HIV. im just ultra paraniod now searching for answers on the internet
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i have had no other symptoms
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Infrom us about the certain negative result, it will help guys worried ab the oral exposure...
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you dont have hiv..and oral sex is not a risk..expect a negative result
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can stress cause an outbreak of acne?
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