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Hiv risk ...

Does sucking nipples pose a risk of hiv and also a handjob , was involved in vaginal fingered with a condom in the finger but the masseuse removed it after and used same hand for hand job ... any risk due to the same there must have been some fluids on the outer side of the condom ...
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This is very similar to your previous question. Remember the three risks that Curfew gives. Write them down or bookmark this question. And for ANY time that you have a worry, check the three risks. Think, did I have one of those three? No??  Then I should not question HIV.  
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Thanks Rox as usual for clearing the doubts , it does seem clear all the time but sometimes the what if factor comes into the mind ...
What if is anxiety.  If you work to treat the anxiety, you can alleviate what if's. Not sure what mental health resources you have where you are at but there is much online support. Find a way to let thoughts float in and out without giving them as much attention.
Yes will seek support
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The only risks for HIV in adults are:
1) Having unprotected anal or vaginal sex, or
2) sharing intravenous needles with IV drug users.

NOTHING else you can think of would put you at risk for HIV, including the activities you mentioned.  You were not exposed to HIV and you do not need to test.
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