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Hiv symptoms

Hello i know i been here before but can't help it worried about symptoms my wife and I are having 9weeks ago I had an encounter protected virgina sex open mouth kissing and breast sucking  she sucked my breast and I sucked hers. 2wks after the encounter I came down with sore throat swollen pattet some nights wake up sweating ears feel like they are going to clog up itching ears burning tongue and some type of crud on tongue went to Doctor said had staph infection sawb tong said no yeast gave antibotic took for 3wks pallet went down throat stop hurting but came back a weeklater now i feel better still having funny feeling in ears feel like I have some jonit pain in leg  I have been having unprotected sex with wife about 7days ago she came down with sore throat, sweating at night have a cold with phlem now I notice some fine bumps on her cheek. I had a rapid oral hiv test at 8wks and came back negative. I appreciate it  if someone could answer my question Please.

1. The symptoms my wife is having similar to ARS symptoms
2. Why is she having symptoms similar to mines?
3. What do Hiv rash look like and where does it usual show up.
4. Can her symptoms be anixety even though she doesn't know about my encounter
5. Is night sweat is the begining of hiv infection or later

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do you understand what the word PROTECTED means?  

your wife is sick...just like she has been many, many times in her life.  it has nothing to do with you infecting her.  there was NOTHING to infect her with.

take it to the anxiety forum for further discussion...you do NOT have a hiv concern.
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Lizzie said it all
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