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How worried should I be

First off I have read numerous articles on here but still find it hard to evaluate my own situation. Maybe it's me not wanting to admit that I'm scared to death. I recently had a massage at a private residence. It was a very professional looking set-up. I am a male and do is the masseur. The massage was going great until the guys hands started rubbing close to my anus and penis. He said, relax and I did. I figured a possible happy ending, as long as know one knew, why not? He really lubed me up and I began to become aroused and giving him more freedom. He massaged my buttock and anus with lots of lubricant. Then he undressed and straddled me, which was shocking but I let it happen. Sorry, to shorten the story he inserted his penis in my anus after a long and slow process that was rather gentle. I told him to stop after a few minutes because I was scared of an std but he stated he was getting ready to ejaculate. I told him not to ejaculate in me and he didn't. So with him not ejaculating in me and the process leading up to insertion and after insertion resulted in no obvious bleeding or trauma to my anus, would you say I am a high, moderate or low risk of contracting HIV? The presence of pre-cum is unknown. He did state that I had nothing to worry about in regards to HIV or stds. Though this is surely not his first time seducing another male. Obviously his lifestyle scares me. I'm am or was until that point a monogamous heterosexual. I understand what I did was wrong and whether or not I contract anything I am and will still suffer mentally. Hopefully you can ease some of
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3 months post exposure is when you can obtain your conclusive negative test result.
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Thanks I'm aware but just super nervous as the is the first and only time it will happen and I'm plain scared.
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