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I NEED HELP! Are these symptoms of HIV virus?

Hi everyone
First of all I apologize for my English if it's not good enough but I will try to explain my case.

I'm a male, 27 years old  
I met a woman from online app and she is sex worker from Africa there were no protection such as a condom, so I didn't push my penis inside her vagina, I made her sit on my penis and rub it through her vagina for two minutes only, and in the end there was oral sex.

When I finished with the girl I noticed I had a cut on my penis because I usually masturbate on my stomach without emollients this caused cracks and cuts on my penis.
This wound was not bleeding, but I saw dried blood surrounded by white skin, this wound is no more than 0.5-1 cm.(I have pictures of this wound, but I don't know how to post it here).

The first symptoms started after exactly 5 days my already decayed tooth began to hurt badly, On the sixth day, I went to the dentist, and he gave me pain killers and an antibiotic because of the appearance of inflammation in the mouth On the seventh day, the dentist treated the tooth for me, and the pain ended immediately.
On the ninth day, two pimples appeared in my throat (I believe that they appeared because of the dentist’s work, because pimples was close to the tooth that had a problem).
during these days, I had a dry cough that lasted perhaps 20 days. It was not chronic, but it came more than 10 times a day, and it got worse in two days before sleeping.
I don't know if this cough is due to inflammation in my mouth or the wounds in my throat, but everything ended 20 days after the first symptoms appeared.(Knowing that I was excreting yellow saliva during the coughing period).

Two months later, a pimple appeared, twice separately on my back, and twice separately also on my left and right thighs, and 3 pimples appeared on my face and a pimple on my hands and some pills on my stomach and chest are very small and do not hurt, They were all separate cases with the intention that they didn't appear at the same time.
my tongue is close to white, with a cracked white layer at the end of the tongue This is something that continues until now.
Finally, after 11 weeks, a very slight pain came in my throat, which caused little difficulty when swallowing, and here I started to worry because the right tonsil became larger than the left tonsil. I didn't know that the tonsils are from the lymph gland, so when I touch the tonsils, I feel a difference in size between them this means that my lymph nodes ware enlarged and I didn't know

Now, 3 months later, I don't know if I had this virus or not, Unfortunately, I cannot take any test now and until the end of next October, because I live in Saudi, and I'm not a Saudi, so if I test and my result is positive, I will be expelled from work and from the country this is what I cannot do now.

My questions are:
1- can HIV virus transmitted from vaginal fluids on very small cracks  a dry wound on the penis?
2-Can the symptoms of the virus appear after only 5 days and cause sore mouth and dry cough in less than a week?
3- Although I took antibiotics for two weeks, the dry cough persisted, Is this a symptom of the virus?
4- Do HIV symptoms appear after two months?
5- If I'm a year or two late in discovering my infection, will this make it difficult to control the virus in my body?

In the end, I apologize for being so long and thank you

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The only risks for HIV in adults are:
1) Having unprotected (no condom) penetrative anal or vaginal sex, OR
2) Sharing IV drug equipment with other IV drug users.

When it comes to HIV, the risks are CLEAR. No penetration = no risk.
Any medical issues you are having are not related to HIV, since you didn't have a risk for HIV.
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Is this mean vaginal fluids dont transmit the virus through cuts and
cracks (dry wound) on the penis?

(Without condom)
And without penetration
I already answered that question.
No penetration = no risk.
I was very worried because I read on many sites that even even if there was no penetration and there were wounds on the penis, there is a possibility that HIV virus could be transmitted.

But I will take your answer and rest now because as u said the virus cannot be transmitted by rubbing the genitals, even with wounds on the penis.

Thanks for your response.  
You are welcome.

You may read about events on other sites that are just theoretical risks - meaning that no one actually gets HIV that way.  
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