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I dont no what to do...someoone help please.

i just recently posted this a few days ago...

but now i am scared again yesterday i ate at 5 in the mornng a bowl of cheerios before i went to school

around 12.....i tryed oxycontin for the first time

YES I NO IT WAS A STUPID CHOICE but I did and i felt like ****..

i felt like i had to puke  and my head and nback of my neck hurt REALLY BAD,,
so around 2 or so i had to run to the bathroom and i puked just clear and a little yellow stomach acid

or bio whatever it is called now im so nervous i dont havea fever but is this a sign of hiv?

this is my exposure down below..

i lost my virginity to a straight male

no condomCondoms
Female condoms

and he is not a iv drugChemical dependence - resources
Drug abuse
Drug abuse and dependence
Drug abuse first aid
Drug allergies
Drug induced hypertension
Drug rash on the back
Drug rash, tegretol
Drug signs and teenagers
Drug-induced hypertension user or anything but he gets around

i went to the gynecologist

i got tested for stdStds and ecological niches EVERYTHING

i got tested at 4 weeks exactly maybe a day or two more but

it was negative. and the doctor says it would be rare if i have it but im still so scared what do i do.

do i  get tested again how accurate is the test!?????????
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Go back and reread the replies that you were given in your first posts.
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Stay FAR AWAY FROM OXYCONTIN!!! It destroys lives and I know first hand. You are not puking cause of HIV-it is completely normal for oxycontin to cause that when you dont have a tolerance built up to it. It is HIGHLY addictive and if you use it for a couple of days in a row and then stop, you will get dope sick-go through withdrawl and that is by far one of the worst things youy will ever experience. Take your bad experience as a lesson learned and be grateful that it didnt kill you. Someone without tolerance to the drug can overdose with even a small doseage. PLEASE DONT EVER TAKE IT AGAIN!!! If you have any other questions about this drug please contact me- I know alot about it.
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Oh and by the way the stomach acid is called "BILE"- not "bio"!!
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