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I have Molluscum, could I have HIV?

Hello! So I was just diagnosed with Molluscum. I have tons of them all over on shoulder, arms, legs, trunk. I have within the last 3 months been sexually active with a few different women.

The Molluscum started showing up about a month ago and a few weeks later spread quite rapidly. I am not showing any other symptoms. However, about a week before the Molluscum appeared I did have an upper respiratory tract infection with a fever. I currently sometimes experience some congestion or a VERY mild cough. After the Molluscum appeared I got tested for HIV when it spread to my arms. They did a blood test and it came back negative. Is it at all possible I have HIV that is just not detectable yet? As I said I had been sexually active as little as 2 weeks before anything started and as far as 3 months.

I was told that it shouldnt be HIV because I tested negative after the Molluscum had appeared. However, I am still worried because I have soooo many of these bumps on my body. They say it is caused by weak immune system and I cant imagine any other reason why my immune system is weak. And again I have the bumps of Molluscum all over but still tested negative. Should I be worried at all about HIV? Are there any cases where someone tested negative after seeing tons of Molluscum on their body but were indeed infected with HIV?

Thank you so much for reading over. I look forward to a response.
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Molluscum is highly, highly contagious and extremely likely to spread by skin to skin contact. It is not related to HIV because anyone can get it who comes into contact with anyone else who has it. Babies and little kids in daycare catch molluscum from other kids in daycare all the time. And it is frequently spread by skin to skin contact during sex in adults.

You said that you tested negative for HIV so you are HIV negative. I suggest that you keep working with your doctor or find a dermatologist to treat the molluscum.
The weakened immune system comment is irrelevant to your HIV issue as outlined by Chima, however the immune system is so very complex that its workings are generally poorly understood - so not much chance for you to figure why it is weaker other than a few known factors like recent antibiotic usage or lack of sleep.

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