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I'm at risk ?

Hello, first of all apologies for my bad english.  I had sex with a prostitute a month ago.  I don't know your HIV status.  I used a condom and it took about 5 minutes.  When I pulled my penis out, the condom was still on my penis, but it had slipped more than halfway.  But my sperm was in the condom.  There was no breakage.  However, from what I read on the internet, there may be small holes or leaks.  I read condom protection for HIV as 98% and my anxiety started.  Do I need to be tested?  Am I at risk?  Has anyone used condoms and become infected with HIV?
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If a condom fails it is a large rip down the seam. Micro holes are a myth. Only the head needs protection so you are safe and should move on.
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Thanks for the answer.  I'm asking because my English is bad.  As far as I understand, there is no risk in my case.  No test needed.  Have I got it right ?
Yes. Do not test.
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