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Inconclusive hiv test result

Hello guys,

About 6 years ago i did a sex without condom with prostitute it was my first time and it was not last longer than 1 minutes and it is only exposure i had then i got test at governments health center at 2 months 4 months and 1 year all negative the test using 3 different blood rapid  antibody test(one test with 3 rapid methods )
2 month (all 3 rapid blood test negative
4 month (all 3 rapid blood test negative)
1 year (all 3 rapid blood test negative)

This is part I don't understand

I planned to marry 3 years since the exposure so I went test to health clinic  to get tested before marriage but test came out inconclusive with  "3 years after exposure 2 rapid negative and 1rapid  positive"and i am suggestedto come back 3 months again which I return to clinic and get tested but the resuly still 2 negative and 1 positive ,but the doctors tell me I am in window period stage where antibody not develop fully,after it pass 3 years(6 years afyer exposure)  so I went to test to private lab where I given

CMIA ab/ag negative
Immunocromathography positive
Elfa negative

Can some one help me...

Teak Lizzie or some one is this called false negative or window period is longer than I thought...

Please  help me...
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If the test was done in a clinic, then your negative results -for the incident you describe-, proves that HIV is not something you should worry about.

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Thank you for reply,
Is it possible that rapid test missed antibody for a year because of low quantity antibody
Any test is conclusive after 3 months so there is nothing left to say. It is time to move on from HIV and there are 5,000 other diseases you can actually catch but you can't keep worrying that some disease might be secretly attacking you.
Then all my positive result is false result?
I am so afraid
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Hey.. are you getting three tests at a time?
Yes 3 times at one test
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This is a clear case of indeterminate and false positive.  If you are confident that there was no other exposure than what you have mentioned, you do not have any thing to worry. What surprises me here is that why were you not asked to get a Western Blot test to confirm your Positive, because that's the right process. A positive must always confirmed with a WB and not series of antibody test. I suggest, you get a WB test to put your mind in to ease.
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