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Interesting NYC testing info

Hi all,
I just spoke with a person who tests at the NYC Dept of Health Testing facility in Chelsea.  She said that NY has just started a program doing free viral load testing to reduce the window period when you come in for a rapid antibody screen.  It takes 21 days to get results.  There is no info about it online yet, but I would think they will announce it soon.  Thought that was interesting, and a good thing.
Also for those worried about a white tongue: Do a google search for Miley Cirus sticking out her tongue.  It is very white.  Dont think she is positive.  
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New York is still using the OraQuick Advance HIV 1 and HIV 2 test for blood and plasma testing. They're just not using the oral testing at this time until the investigation is complete.
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That is true.  But they are also supplementing it with PCR tests just like North Carolina.  They have just started doing this very very recently.  I dont even think there has been a press release.  Also, it may only be at the Chelsea NYC Health Dept clinic.  I dont know if it is at all of them.
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Miley has a white tongue too!

http://www.flickr.com/photos/24629[email protected]/2396447606/
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The only pcr test use as a supplemental test is a PCR-RNA which is not a diagnostic.
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Well, my last test was done in crown heights health deparment facility, They did an oral oraquick and i read the test and it was a HIV 1 only test.
close to 4 weeks before 08.04.08 ( my last test Risk 12.07.08) 4 days shorts to 9 months.
i wen to to 502 bergen street and did another oraquick test ( vih1 and hiv2).
I went to chelsea july 30th and they a blood oraquick vih1 and hiv 2.
So, not all facilities do hiv test blood, my last 3 test in th past 2 months have been oraquick saliva, event tough i read the article about false positive/negative with oraquick saliva version.
There is so much lack of information about the window period that's incredible.
At chelsea they told me 3 months. My first test was on Bergen St. in feb. 14 i think and they gave me a paper stating that i need to come back at 24 weeks.
my last test was donde at 30+ week and i still have symptoms, such as the skin rash that i have in my arms and i think in my legs.
If you call the NYS HIV hot line they tell you 30 days and 13 weeks ( 90 days) to b sure.
How come all the info changed wihthin a year? or 9 months of my nightmare??
I preferd Chealsea clinic because the lady who gave me the results explained me about 3 months to include everyone. She said that 8 weeks is like 90% and to included everyone is 3 months.
CDC states 6 months, thebody.com said 3 months but recommened 6 months.
I took my test at 4 days shorts to 9 months and i still have skin rash and fever. I have antibodies fro HepB, but i don't know if it's for a shoot or becaused i got infected.
This is my exerienced and if you want to take another test go to 31st and 8th or GMHC.
They are really good too.
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CDC does not say 6 months. The testing guidelines was changed to 3 months in 2004. You have a conclusive test result.
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