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Is it hiv seroconversion acute symptoms

I have very bad hiv phobia,I was drunk,I met a girl in disco,we went to hotel,we are both drunk.i rub her vagina and it was wet,I wash my hand with soap,I put condom and try to give blowjob to her,but she was drunk did not want to give ********,I tried myself but cannot ejaculate.we were drunk,she slept,and later I slept too with condom on.after 2 hour I wake up and I saw my condom was out of my penis.she was sleeping too.after that I masturbate my self and ejaculate on her breast.i did not put once inside her vagina.but my mind thinking like did she put my penis inside her vagina.i know she is so drunk,but my mind keep thinking negative thoughts.i was so paranoid after that,I keep drinking beers every night to relief my mind.after 3 and half weeks,I was drinking beer at night,I start to feel sticky phlegm in my throat,I tried to get clear throat,but it didn’t came all phlegm,I feel my voice became hoarse.tomorrow morning was fine later evening,the mild fever came.i take some medicine which is phenylprine and paracetamol.next day I have mild fever,I take medicine 3 times a day.next 2 was fine,but sticky phlegm is there and I need to constant clear the throat,but the phlegm did not come out much.after that I have mild fever again,I went to doctor and tell him,he told me it’s not hiv acute symptoms,it’s just respiratory infection.he gave me some medicine called acetylcysteine and some vitamin c.he told you will be fine after 1 week.after that i have low fever and sticky phlegm for 1 week,I was so paranoid about hiv.i don’t have any another symptoms like swollen lymph nodes,rash,muscle joint pains,night sweats,fatigue,no loss of appetite.now I feel fine but my anxiety is everyday 24/7.it makes me so difficult in my work.i smoke cigarettes 12-14 pcs a day.and that time the weather was raining everyday.my doctor also told now many people are sick these days.but I cannot control my mind.please need some help,what is it look like,is it hiv seroconversion acute symptoms or not,Thankyou so much for help
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You had no risk from what you described. Your problem isn't HIV, it's terrible lifestyle choices. It's pretty clear you have a drinking problem. And with all of that smoking, it's no wonder you keep having phlegm issues. Quit drinking and smoking and I am 100% sure you'll feel a lot better.
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