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Need Some Honest Advice

Hello Everyone....

I wont waste your time...I
I need some advice....
I am mentioning my sexual encounters below from past one year.
Do you think I am at any risk from these encounters for HIV?

1. Thailand Ladyboy Street Prostitute

Kissing and **** covered with condom sucking. Condom Protected Oral Sex. No Penetrative Sex.

Was there an HIV risk in Number 1?

2. Thailand Ladyboy Street Prostitute

Kissing, condom protected oral sex. And I had penetrative sex with her, with a condom on and after the anal sex act, the condom was still on and condom was not torn or broken.

Was there an HIV risk in Number 2?

3. Thailand Post Op Ladyboy

Lots of kissing and condom protected vaginal sex. All the time **** was covered with a condom and even after sex the condom was on and condom had not broken or torn.

Was there an HIV risk in Number 3?

4. A Street Female Prostitute in Hong Kong...
No licking, no sucking, no kissing, Sex with a condom on...Condom was still on after sex and the condom was intact and not torn or broken.

Was there any risk in encounter no 4?

5.  Transsexual Shemale Prostitutes in Hong Kong

Only oral sex with condom on and no anal sex.

Any risk in encounter 5?

6. Anal sex with a street transgender prostitute in Hong Kong

Condom protected anal sex. After the sexual act, the condom was on and there was no failure of the condom

Any risk in encounter 6?

7. Sex with an Indian Prostitute

Condom Protected sex, only light kissing, after the sexual act the condom was on. Oral sex was with condom on my penis.

8.Sex with Indian Prostitute

Sucked her breasts and some liquid fluid came into my mouth, did not swallow it but its taste was weird. She said she was lactating her child and had breast milk. What is the risk for HIV in this? She said she is clean and routinely does HIV testing. Is three or four drops of breast milk sucked into the mouth and swallowing dangerous? Is testing needed? Is there a HIV risk?

9. Sex with two Indian prostitutes

Condom protected Oral sex. They had sex with me one after the other. After the sexual act the condoms had not failed. They had put two condoms on. I checked the condoms after having sex, there was no condom failure or condom tear....

I asked them both, they said that they have to take care of themselves and they also never have unprotected sex as they said they have to do hiv tests and vdrl tests every three months and give it to the brother owner.

Of all my above encounters, do i need to worry about HIV?
These were the encounters i was concerned about.....

Please let me know


Confused Man

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#1.....NO RISK

#2.....NO RISK

#3.....NO RISK

#4.....NO RISK

#5.....NO RISK

#6.....NO RISK

#7.....NO RISK

#8..... In theory breast milk can carry the HIV virus, however, the risk is really only present between mother and child, as a baby's immune system has yet to fully develop. Babies also drink liters and liters of breast milk for a long time to grow. Lastly, there are protective enzymes and bacteria in your saliva that protect you, so drinking a few milliliters of breast milk is not a high risk situation (your immune system is fully developed, you do not depend on breast milk to grow)

#9.....NO RISK

Hope I didn't waste YOUR time
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