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Need inputs from experts please

Requesting help from the moderators please - I tested for HIV test from my last encounter i.e., 90 days

I recently met an Indian origin girl in Toronto and she has more than a few regular partners (sex for money) who also have many other partners so basically high-risk. Since I didn't have condom, I didn't engage in oral, anal or vaginal sex. I did however engage in rubbing my penis between her breast (mammary sex) and post that she was on top of me.

She was wearing thin underwear and cotton pants over that. I was completely naked with my penis pointed towards my stomach and she was riding on top of it with her clothes on (underwear and pant) and I was fondling her breast and occasionally touching her ass. I didn't touch her vaginal area even once.

I have read through multiple posts that HIV is via penetrative sex only but I was wondering if there is any theoretical risk of HIV or STDs if any fluids seeped through her clothes. The added cause of my worry is she has not her periods since 2 months and her urine pregnancy tests say not pregnant.

Also, I am infected with HCV since my last encounter so I am wondering if the last test I did i.e., HIV test was conclusive since it was unprotected intercourse
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To summarize your long post
1st exposure :
Unprotected anal sex with Lady
90days after negative antibody hiv test.
And positive hcv antibody test
2nd exposure after
Rubbing and foreplay without any penetration .
Your questions :
- is there from 2nd exposure for hiv
Answer : No
- does hcv infection affect or delay seroconversion of hiv
Answer : very less studies regarding this topic and most experts beleive that nothing delay serocoversion of hiv . Your hiv result is conclusive and you do not have hiv .
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Your previous encounter does not matter for the one you are writing to us about and spent the bulk of your many words on. Does not matter though since based on your high level of unnecessary anxiety when we tell you NO risk for all the discussion about what happened in this encounter, I'm sure you tested. You appear to have an anxiety problem and this is probably not the first time you've been told that. Your current encounter you are talking about was ZERO risk. The only risks are unprotected vaginal, unprotected anal and sharing IV needles to inject drugs. Pretty sure that you've either read that or we've told you that before. Air and saliva inactivate the virus. Hcv does NOT interfere with the hiv testing window. You need to speak to a doctor about anxiety. You tested negative for the 'unprotected sex' and you are writing to us (at great length) about a non risk.
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"I have read through multiple posts that HIV is via penetrative sex only
but I was wondering if there is any theoretical risk of HIV or STDs if any fluids seeped through her clothes. "
1. The top line of the above is so straightforward to understand that your question doesn't deserve an answer. Nor does it make any sense why you decided after reading the advice to take an hiv test.
2. I also have no idea what illogical connection you are trying to make with hiv & periods, pregnancy etc.
You should have moved on from this non-event immediately after it happened.
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Can you please give inputs on HCV con-infection affect on HIV test? Does it elongate the window?
Sure. There is 0% co-infection in any medical transmission case when one parameter is 0% risk.
It's equivalent to jaywalking across a road that has been blocked off from traffic for repairs and asking someone what your chance is of being hit by a car because you see one driving on another street.
Sorry, I couldn't follow. Are you saying co-infection is not possible? Or are you saying it doesn't effect the HIV test window?
""I have read through multiple posts that HIV is via penetrative sex only "
The above is easy to understand if you know the meaning of the word "only." I'm sure you know the meaning of only.
Your continued questions are illogical. That is the end of this discussion from me.
Kindly read my entire original post - I said I had unprotected encounter before this one and had done a HIV test at 3 month mark and it was negative. I tested positive for HCV at the same encounter. Hence the question, can HCV affect HIV test window? I am not asking about the clothed frottage incident
Well it was a very hard post to figure out since 90% of it was about your silly clothing worry, so it looked like you were calling that unprotected sex.
What kind of unprotected sex did you have? Any test is conclusive after 3 months so hcv is irrelevant. Next time read the test instructions when you do a test and if it doesn't say hcv (or whatever else you have) affects it you know hcv doesn't affect it.
Unprotected anal sex with a woman - Had a P24 Hiv 1/2 antibody test at 90 days mark. Does this change your assessment?
No my assessment will never change, and it is unfortunate that you don't believe anyone here.
Your ONLY problem is anxiety which is a bit of a mental health issue, so see a therapist instead of wasting your time here asking the same questions over and over, which you don't believe the answers to, which then causes you to keep asking the same questions again.
I'm not sure why you keep coming here asking questions because the only person you believe is yourself. You have no medical training and your thinking is a bit illogical on this thread - you should have zero faith in your own ideas but unfortunately you only believe in them so there is no solution to your anxiety that anyone on this forum can provide.
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