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Need to test for Hiv or for any other STD/STI


Before one week i went to sexworker! I figering her for a while lets say for one minute and we rubing our geneticals with our clothes but i realise tha my penis was litle bit out of my pands (head)! Its posible via rubbing her vagina fluids went to penis??? (she ware undergarment) Also she drank from my beer and after a while i forgot and i drank from the same beer!
For tha above sitouation need testing for anything??? If yes whitch??
Thank you awaiting for your answer!
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You had ZERO RISK for HIV.

As an adult, the only risks for HIV are:
1) having unprotected, penetrative vaginal or anal sex, or
2) sharing IV drug needles with other IV drug users.

A penis must penetrate a vagina or anus to be at risk.  Nothing you can add to this event will make it a risk for HIV.

You will have to wait in the STDs forum for replies to those questions.
Thank you! I have to make the question to STD foroum or i have to wait
You already have a thread open on the STD forum, so you will need to wait for responses there.
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