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Negative HIV RNA Test but....


I got my results from an HIV 1 RNA, QL TMA test back. I was negative!

However, I'm still kind of freaking out. I had blood drawn 9 days after my potential exposure. I've been reading up on the test itself. Folks say that it's not useful before 10 days, some 11 days, some 5 days.

Anyone have an idea about this? Is this negative result just void because of how early I took it?

Can I stop worry so much about having HIV-1? It seems that the test is pretty useful in detecting the virus itself. If this came back negative (along with my anti body test) is it safe to say that I probably don't have HIV-1?

Thank you, thank you!
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True there is varying information online.  I would take it again at 3 weeks.  I have seen 7-10 days; 7-14 days; and 2-3 weeks.  I am going today for one at 10 days and if negative will probably go again at 3-4 weeks.  Supposedly this test is the "gold standard"
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Hello, in order to be aware of your status you have to confirm with an hiv test at the right time.
A 4th generation test should be done at 4 weeks post exposure and a simple HIV test at three months post exposure.
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Thanks for that and I'm aware that taking the test at the right time is important.

I'm asking whether or not I took the early detection test at the right time. The information available about the test gives varying days.
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How did it go? Hope you're okay!
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