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Negative HIV test after 7 weeks

Well here it goes,

I had unprotected sex on July 2/2013 with a girl I did not know, and after realizing what I had done I got tested after 3 weeks exposure. The test I took was an Oraquick test and the result was negative. This test made me feel a bit better, but after I went online, I realized that tests before 3 months can be inconclusive.

After the 3 week test I couldn't sleep and I hardly ate. I didn't develop any sort of symptoms related to the HIV acute flu symptoms but my mind still couldn't function without the thought of HIV every single second.

I then took another Oraquick test 7 weeks after exposure and again the result was negative. After this test I felt a bit better, but after researching non stop online about HIV, I realized that a person could still produce antibodies that can only be detectable after 7 weeks. Now this freaked me out.

I am scared that the test at 7 weeks is not a good indicator that I am HIV negative, also I would like to know the chances of being negative at 7 weeks and positive at 3 months. During the time after the unprotected sex I have been taking antibiotics for an injury. By the way I am a male and I fear the test result at 7 weeks could have been a false negative.
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"I am scared that the test at 7 weeks is not a good indicator ..."

I am assuming you took the over the counter oral fluid test. If that is the case, then you must test again at 84 days...12 weeks.

7 weeks negative is actually a good indication but unfortunately not really conclusive.

Guessing at this with percentages serves little purpose.

But seven weeks is very good but not conclusive.

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A seven week negative is a very good indicator but not conclusive

Go in for a 12 week test and get a conclusive result

USE CONDOMS for penetrative sex and you will remain hiv negative!!!!
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