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Numb hands and night sweats

Hi there. thank you in advance. 16 days ago I had a high risk exposure. I've been on Kaletra/Truvada since 36-8 hours after. Also been taking a histamine based sleeping tablet every night.

I've had numb hands and arms occurring at night since day 10, along with night sweats. No fever during the day, no other symptoms.

I know that peripheral neuropathy is rare in both meds and ARS. Since I am never, ever ill normally (and I'm not imagining these palpable symptoms) I'm 95% sure the symptoms are either meds or ARS. Since the symptoms manifest within the ARS window, I'm 75% sure I'm positive.

Am I overreacting?
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Yes. What was your risk?
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thanks for your reply.

Insertive protected anal, but so drunk I don't recall how it ended. 3 days later I developed a rash on my penis, just under the head, which suggests condom breakage.

Brief insertive oral, couple of seconds.

Other person transgender, possibly Indian subcontinent. Sex worker. Massive risk.
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