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Oraquick testing

I took an oraquick test and removed the testing solution for 2 seconds because I was unsure if the test was working and immediately put the test stick back in the tube.  The control line appeared and the test was negative.  Should I retake the test or was there enough salvia that the test should still work properly?  
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I meant removed the test stick out if the testing solution for 2 seconds and put it back in the testing solution.
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Not too smart. It probably invalidated the results because you're not supposed to touch it while it's activating. You'll have to call the manufacturer and confirm if that would affect the outcome of the test. I'm sure there is a phone number included in the paperwork that came with the test.
Thanks.  They said if I removed it.  Its invalid.  How?  Its the same salavia and the same solution.  I didnt touch the test stick.  And why would the control line show if I tested improperly?
Just retest to be safe. If you decide to take the Oraquick test again be sure not to remove it this time. The results will more than likely be the same, but better to re-test to be absolutely sure.
"They said if I removed it.  Its invalid. " Not sure why you are expecting this forum to argue with the manufacturer. If you disagree with the manufacturer's science then you need to do it with them.
You were on the phone with them, that would've been the time to ask these questions.
Thank you was just very concerned.  I had asked and he gave me no definitive answer.  Just that the air could impact the results.  After thinking about it, when I swabbed my mouth the air hit the stick before entering it into the tube.  I have no symptoms just doing an annual check.  I scheduled an appt with my doc so Im not doing anymore self tests!  Thank you all for you help as this has cuased great anxiety.
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Bummer.  That test is wasted.  That's the problem with any tests you take at home---  really convenient but you have to follow the directions to a T. This test sounds invalid so you will have to do another one just to be safe.  I agree with AJ that it is best to retest to make sure but the result will probably be the same.  What was your exposure that you are testing for?  
Its just for my annual check.  I dont have any symptoms.
Did you even have a risk, and if so what was it?
Oh, okay.  Well, if you didn't have a risk you are worried about, then you can wait until you do another annual check up I suppose.  It's not a bad idea to screen occasionally for STD's/HIV.  Whenever you use a test at home, no matter what it is such as HIV or pregnancy or whatevever it may be, you have to fully read the instructions first and follow them exactly.  
Just unprotected vaginal sex with one partner I was in a mongomous relationship with but he stepped out on me. Last event was in May.  I did take a blood test and it was negative.
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