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PEP Treatment

I made a real bad judgement and had unprotected intercourse with a female Thai prostitute.  30 minutes later I washed my genitals with soap, as my huge mistake started sinking in.  The next morning, after I sobered up and realized the danger I have put myself into, I immediately got PEP treatment from my doctor (around 15 hours after the incident).  I have been on the treatment for a couple of days now and I am extremely nervous and depressed.  What are my chances of getting HIV+ from specifically the Thai strain (as I heard this strain is much easier to get transferred) of HIV and how effective are PEP treatment really?  Will the 1 in 1000 still apply?  Will my changes be even less, say 1 in 10 000, given I used PEP treatment so soon after the incident?  Does the washing of the genitals after 30 minutes still count in my favour?

Please help!
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Contact he doctor that prescribed you the PEP to answer your questions.
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Wow,  the informative and in depth knowledge that Teak provides is pricless :). Obvioulsy you can't get back in to see the doctor for a few days and thats why your on this forum. I dont think washing your genitals makes a difference.  If it gets in your urethra thats pretty much all it needs.  I have heard PEP has a really good success rate. Also according to DR HHH Thailand has one of the most succesful safe sex campaigns and the # of infected there has declined dramatically.
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Hi Teak, I did mention my concerns of how good PEP are to the doctor, but he indicated that medical practitioners have a lot of faith in this medication.  Most doctors are however not very forthcoming with their answers, as they do not want people to worry too much.  I however need some sort of confirmation that it is actually more efficient that 85%, as most articles indicate.  Also, can you pass the disease on while on PEP?  After how many hours/days after inital contact with the virus would it be able to spread to a 3rd person?  I am scared that I might have passed on to my wife, had intercourse about 36 hours after I had intercourse with sex worker (I am so stupid!).  Afterwards I told my wife the entire story and I suggested she also go and see her doctor.  Please help, as you really seem to be an expert on these topics.
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Your estimation is correct however it is not real. Why? No one knows if you would have contracted HIV without nPEP. Yes, it was rather stupid to have unprotected with your wife before you had a conclusive test result AFTER your nPEP. What is done is done. This is something that you should advise your wife of no matter how hard it may be. She should be given the same rights and choices that you have taken.
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Hi Teak,

Given the above, can you please indicate the chances of me passing the virus to my wife.  My chances originally getting it from the Thai sex workers seems to be 1/1000 (I will test in 5 weeks), her getting it from me would therefore also be 1/000, given her total odds are 1/1000000.  She has also taken PEP now (within roughly 6 hours), so I'd assume her risk are extremely low.  Can you please confirm the odds discussed above?  Would the fact that I was on PEP for 12 hours before intercourse with her have aggregated the virus by any chance, or does it count in her favour since the virus have not really "taken" in my body yet, given the short PEP usage up until then and only 15 hours since my possible initial infection.  I am not too familiar how infectuous the virus are early on.

To complicate things, my wife skipped here period 2 days ago and might be pregnant.   In your opinion, how dangerous is a 28 day PEP treatment during early pregnancy.  We both tested bwefore PEP treatment and are both HIV negative.
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Hi Lizzie,

Can you please assit me with my above query.  I originally directed to Teak, but I guess he thinks my question is a silly anxiety question.

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