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Please Help!

Good afternoon everybody, I am a teenager that had no worries a couple months ago but now my life has drastically changed. On January 21st, I went to a stipclub with a couple of friends and I decided to get a lapdance. As the stripper took me to the back, she began to unzip my pants and before you know it, we were having sex! Before we had sex though, she gave me a condom to put on. I am not worried about the vaginal sex but during the middle of intercourse, she told me to give her oral sex. I stupidly obliged and this was not protected. It only lasted a minute or two but this is the part that worries me. Am I at risk? Ever since then I have thoughts that I am goin to die soon due to me contracting HIV or something so can anyone either help or let me know whether I was at risk or not? Thank You it will be greatly appreciated
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relax...breathe :)

oral sex is not a means of transmitting hiv.

hiv is transmitted through...

unprotected vaginal/anal intercourse
sharing iv drug works
mother to child
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so, no test?
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no risk = no test
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thanks a lot lizzie for your responses. Although I wasnt at risk for hiv, can I have contracted something else? Recently, I have been sleeping a lot more than usual and I was thinking whther this might be a symptom of an STD. The thing is though, I have also started working out on this new workout program so it might be that. Im just sooo confused and scared it isnt the workout that is getting me sooo tired all of these days!
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STDs don't make you sleep more.

Most bacterial STDs (i.e. chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis) show few symptoms.

Get tested regularly for all STDs.  Everyone is always so worried about HIV, but they often forget about STDs that you can actually contract from oral sex.
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so was i still at risk for other STD's? like? it would really help if anyone can help ease my worries!
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