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Please help-9 weeks elisa

Dear doctors , I'm completely worried that HIV virus has entered my body

I'm a 31 male from south India , visited a massage parlour .

Sep 4th
I had some skin lesions on my butt, possibly hsv2, she did a massage with oil, touched that area and gave me a hand job

I also sucked her nipples, they are very saggy , I think I but her nipple once

I tested at end of 4,6,9 weeks with elisa 1,2 all came back normal

The 9th week result came that I have hsv-1,2 but hiv normal

My dr says he will not trust elisa before 12 weeks , as he doesn't know the massager sexual history

After I was diagnosed with hsv , I barely sleep and eat, lost almost 4 kilos , I'm still not able to sleep , can sleep only 1-2 hours at stretch not more than that.

I got sore throat , one swollen lymph node near end of collarbone(confirmed its lymph by dr) , the eng said the lymph was very small and wouldn't consider biopsy, however he felt there Is some redness in throat , for which he gave come anti biotics.

I also got a Mouth ulcer on inner lip.

I'm so afraid pls help

Please help me
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You never had an exposure.

HIV is transmitted by;
Unprotected penetrative anal and/or vaginal sex
Sharing works with other IV drug abusers
Mother to child

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Did you have unprotected anal/ vaginal sex?
If you had, you had a risk and you need testing.
Most experts here say that 12 week antibody testing is conclusive.
Your weeks negative test is a VERY GOOD INDICATION according to experts,but still not conclusive.
Don't feel sad by studying symptoms. Please just glad and hope your 12 week antibody test which may be negative.
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I mean your 9 week negative is unlikely to change at 12 weeks.
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you never had an exposure from what you described...
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Thank you very much for your replies , a sigh of relief for me now.

Unlucky that my dr doesn't accept my end of 9 weeks test, and to make my situation worse the spa is no longer in that hotel anymore :(

I also checked with the guy who gave me info on that spa and asked why the spa is closed and why am I getting these symptoms, this guy is a good friend of mind but his reaction was casual , I'm sure he is a regular visitor to that spa than me and he didn't care for my question at all :(

Let me know if you guys operate any foundation will transfer something which I can after my 12 weeks result .
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The risk I was mentioning is my be I had some lesions I  my mouth while sucking and her breasts might had some lesions which I'm not sure today :( my dr says in India most hiv infections come in from massage parlors :(
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Dear teak , I'm worried because she looked pale and had virus which would affect me , as I have both hsv 1,2 :( I came to know I have hsv only now
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It wouldn't matter if she was HIV postive, you never did anything that would put yourself at risk.
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Thank you a lot, I hope atleast today I will get some sleep , these mouth ulcers are troubling and this burning feet is horrible :( I will wait for next 3 weeks and then go to  neurologist ....

Thank you guys for all the help

I have a loving wife and a beautiful daughter ... Not sure why I did this :( I promise I will never go back....

Actually all these started some 4 months before when I got pityriasis rosea , I actually did nothing recently to get a rash like that ... After that went for a massage and all started :(
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Surprisingly I got a canker sore today inside my mouth on cheek :( , all over Internet says its a symptom can you guys help me
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We don't discuss symptoms here and you never had an exposure. Move along please.
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@Joggen Thank you so much
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