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Positive Oraquick after 40 minutes

Hi I have a question. I´ve already posted my question here if it is necesseary to take the test in 6 months and you said my results after 3 months are ok. But I have question - the boy who was my exposure took an oraquick home test. The test was negative after 20 minutes. He promised it was negative after 40 minutes, he sent me a picture of that. But after these 40 minutes he put the test near to the heator. It was cold in his room and there was condensation. I wanted him to send me picture of it again and he removed the plastic thing and there WAS A FAINT LINE NEXT T!!! Yes, it was after 40 minutes, probably 47-55 minutes. I know they say that the lines can be overdeveloped after 40 minutes but it is just weird. I understand that the test is not valid after 3 hours or so, but just immediately after 40 minutes? Please help. He took another oraquick after that, it was negative. But I still think that he should confirm the negative result. Or what do you think? Was the first oraquick positve or negative? Thank you for your time and help.
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This is the reason that the test must not be read after 20 minutes.  His result at 20 minutes was accurate, nothing after that is valid.

He doesn't need anymore testing.
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The Oraquick test results are to be read after 20 minutes but no more than 40 minutes after swabbing.
The C line is the control line. It is lower on the test strip than the T line.A line at the C means that the test has performed as intended.
After 40 minutes the test results are inaccurate.
I do not recommend taking another test. The first test was conclusively negative!...for him.
On a side note...the Oraquick was never intended to be used for serosorting. It is a personal test designed for determining status on yourself .

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I know it was mistake to take the test home. Actually, I´m really freaking out. My blood tests were negative after 2, 3 and 4 months but I still have horrible fear. The reason is that I have a boyfriend and I cheated him with this boy who took the oraquick. I didn´t tell to my boyfriend anything. I am so scared that I could infect him. What do you think, can I calm down after my 4 months result came back negative? No chance to be positive even if the boy was positive? Thank you.
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Hi thank you for your comment. I thought that you should read the reasult for whole 20 minutes because it can change after 20 minutes - or not? There is written that the result should be read between 20-40 minutes...But isn´t is weird that the faint line showed almost immediately after 40 minutes?
Is it true that you have to keep reading for the whole 20 minutes (between 20 and 40 minutes after putting the swab in the liquid), or is it accurate after the first 20 minutes?  Could it change between 20 and 40 minutes?  I understood the instructions to mean that it will be accurate right at 20 minutes after putting the stick in the liquid, and that it should stay the same from then until the 40 minutes.  Was I supposed to keep watching up until the 40 minutes?
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Hi, I have one more question. I have read lot of posts on this great forum and it is really helpful. I am just confused why some doctors still recommend testing after 6 months? I understand this when people are on chemo or have any immune disorder. But why do they say this? It makes me freaking out. Please can I really continue my normal life when I had negative results - 3rd gen Elisa after 9 weeks and 82 days and ag/ab after 18 weeks? Even if the boy was positive, can I calm down? Even if I have had healt problems since this exposure? Thank you so much, appreciate it.
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Your results are MORE than conclusive, which means even if your partner was infected, it's irrelevant.

6 months is old, outdated info.  The new, advanced tests are much more sensitive....so much so that even people with compromised immune systems will test + within 3 months.

Time to put this behind you.  If you can't, time to address your anxiety.
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Thank you very much. I probably feel guilty because I cheated my boyfriend and than I just had sex with him and didn´t realize that something like this can happen. But after some time I started to have weird symptoms and my boyfriend was also very sick and he still is. I lived in terrible fear but I didn´t want to tell him anything because my tests were okay. It is just the worst thing - that you can destroy somebody´s life. I will never make such stupid thing again and will be faithfull. Thank you for your replies, it helped me so much. Anyways, I have appointment with psychologist on monday because I want to fight with my anxiety. Thank you again and have a good day.
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What is your answer to Bazzab1234's question?
I had a positive test which disappeared after 24 hour leaving only the control line
What does this mean
Best to start your own thread explaining your risk situation and how many days until you tested. Hijacked threads don't always get looked at besides this is an old one.
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I took a oraquick hiv test after the 20min mark my test results were negative. I put it away in my car for discretionary purpose. The test was done on a friday. On Monday morning i was curious so i checked again and there was a faint line on T.  Im so scared that i am actually positive. Someone please asnwer, ?
You can't read a test outside of the directions or time frame the directions tell you.  Tests like that can produce evaporation lines.  If you read it when the test told you and it was negative, that is the legit result.
Thank you for your response!
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