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Possible HIV Infection?

I'm a young gay male who recently performed fellatio on two different men.  In both encounters, the men stated they had no infections/diseases, and the fellatio lasted only a minute or so without ejaculation.  However, I came down with a sore throat, slight fever, and general malaise a few days after the last exposure.  My primary care physician diagnosed that I have tonsilitis and prescribed a common antibiotic which seems to be working i.e. my symptoms are much improved after day 2 of a 5-day treatment regimen.  

My question is: Could this still have been ARS, and should I test for HIV?  I always use condoms for anal sex, and I always make a point to ask partners of their status.  My last HIV test was in early March, and it came back negative for HIV.
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Thank you for the response, Teak.
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HIV is not transmitted by oral sex, so you are not having ARS.
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