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Possibly Seronegative?

6 months after a risky encounter, I’ve developed thrush, lost significant weight, and have grown fatigued.

Despite those symptoms, I’ve tested negative on ~8 different tests: oraquick, rapid blood tests, antibody/antigen tests, and RNA qualitative and quantitative (undetected).

I’ve read it’s possible to test false negative if you’ve developed AIDS due to a lack of antibodies (?)

However, I didn’t see anything about false negatives and NAT tests,

Any advice helps.

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HIV does not turn into AiDs in as little as 6 months.
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What was your risky encounter?
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Unprotected msm encounter.
You only need to test once with a duo after 4 weeks or any other after 3 months to be conclusive. You don't have hiv and have been wasting your time taking all those tests. Most people with thrush didn't get it because they got hiv, so your ideas about diagnosis are really FIXATION on the only disease you can thinks of coupled with purposely ignoring all other possibilities.
What is msm. oral anal or vaginal?
purposely sb purposelessly
Since I asked----  I'll answer you that while you did have an actual risk if you had unprotected anal  and needed to test, there IS such a thing as over testing. You didn't need 8 tests. You just needed one in the proper time frame. Heck, I'll even give you two. But you tested negative 8 times. That's not an error. Your symptoms, while unfortunate, are not related to that sexual encounter or HIV (or aids). Could you be suffering anxiety and it's taking a physical toll? It can. You need to get yourself together here. This is causing you way too much time and worry. It's over and you didn't get hiv from it. Look into something called DBT therapy. It's a way to cope with anxiety. Mindfulness, physical ways to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, grounding, exercise. All part of DBT and may help you turn this around. You don't have hiv
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