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Probability of getting HIV?

Good evening!

I am an American citizen living in Mexico City.

I am a married man, and I have used transgender prostitutes like 5-7 times. Most of them (4 encounters) were only doing me masturbation, one was anal (I was top and I did used a condom and did not broke as the semen was not leaking from the condom), and two were oral sex unprotected (I was the giving).

I decided to stop doing my previous deeds since two weeks ago (January 17).

I went to an HIV testing clinic to see if I am positive or negative as I started on middle November and it would have been two months as I am aware one should go in two to three months to be tested after a sexual encounter. I admit I was very nervous and came crying to the clinic. The doctor who attended me chuckled when I told him I did it 5-7 times and since most encounters were only masturbation, according to him, the chances are low and he considered oral sex to be low risk not to mention in his experience, almost all his patients had much more sexual encounters and he consider that very risky behaviour. I came out negative for the November time period.

I am going to go again for testing on April 11th as it would mark three full months to see if I come positive or negative.

I stopped doing this as I love my wife a lot, and I feel very terrible and guilty that I did it as we are having problems and quarrels constantly about financial matters and used it to cope with the pain. But I learned this is not the way to cope with problems, and I decided to do it.

I am now seeing a therapist and I told my mother, my sister, and my two best friends about my mistake. My mother and sister became very dissapointed, but are fully supportive. One of my best friends is majoring in psychology and sexual education, and in his point of view, chances I will come out negative are high.

I want to ask what are the chances I will come out positive from what I did? If I come out positive, can Medicaid in the US help me with the medications whilst still here in Mexico City or should I contact the American Embassy for help? And lastly, if I come positive, how can I tell my wife about it? I am very afraid she will leave me, and I love her to death and I feel very very guilty about what I did.

I need help, and with anticipation, I want to thank you for your answer.

Mr. Erwin
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Hi the protected anal is zero risk if no other part of your genital area made contact and you giving them oral, they would be more at risk not you. Mastrubation is no risk.
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Thank you for your answer.

I have a question for you. Why would they be more at risk than me if I gave them oral? Wouldnt it be the opposite
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Since those with penis Gono or Chlamydia would have urethra irritations that could cause discomfort, they would not be up for having oral sex due to the pain so that brings us to oral herpes which can be passed during oral sex and is on the rise since 65% of the adult population have oral herpes.
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OK. Thanks for the information, but you did not answered my question :(

Since I was the one giving the transgender girl oral sex unprotected (at two different encounters, wouldn´t I be at risk? How severe is the risk?

Thank you
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Unless you gave him deep throat oral where his penis made contact with the back of your throat, if he had gono it would not be passed there. Oral sex is considered very low risk activity. I agree that your tests will come out negative also.
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OK. Thank you for your answer. What makes you think I will come out negative?
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The Hiv experts, Dr. Hook and Dr. Hainesfield , who used to take questions at this site have never seen confirmed hiv through oral. After research and studies oral is considered no risk to at best a theoretical risk.
You were smart to use a condom for anal sex which protected you from hiv.
I agree with Life360 and would expect a negative.
In fact hiv testing here isn't warranted other than for your peace of mind when you connect with your wife.
And for her sake I'd have an std panel done being your activity put you and your wife at risk for other possibilities.
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Thank you for the answer.

However, I find info contradicting. I also told my story to an AIDS center in Vancouver, Canada, and they told me it is low risk what I did but still a risk. I googled and I have found there are a few cases of HIV being acquired thru oral sex.

I am not sure which info is correct. This is so contradicting and confusing.
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The experts who used to post here, Drs. Hook and Handsfield, are very highly regarded experts in HIV infections, have repeatedly stated in identical questions to yours that this is not a risk. You can choose to believe whomever you want about this. There is no contradictory information here, as it is the position of MedHelp that it is a non risk which does not require testing.

If you disagree then go get tested within the recommended window period if you want. But do not argue the point of whether or not it is a risk because you asked for advice and it was given to you and its not up to you to change the advice given on MedHelp that has always been given to your same identical situation.

Either get tested or don't, nobody here really cares what you decide to do. But accept the fact that you're not going to change the advice that is given here since it's based directly on the identical advice given by the experts who used to post on here.
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Hello Chima7

I trust Dr. Hook and Dr. Hansfield. I am just confused why other medical sites state something different?

It was just a simple question. Sorry if I made u upset :(.

I will still get tested just to be safe and have in mind it was low risk what I did.

Thank you kindly.
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Other medical sites speak in theoreticals. As well as official agencies and organizations. There has never been a case of HIV being transmitted through oral sex. And the documented cases have been proved to be based on false reporting. There is a difference between documented and confirmed cases. I believe the only case confirmed was a person who bit someones penis and swallowed a lot of blood. (crazy case situation.)
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I see. Thank you for the information. Luckily, I did not swallowed blood or nothing like that. Only a bit o semen, but I spat it.
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Also, my penis is circumsised. Does that even matter in this case?
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