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Hi good people,

my question regards the hiv rash,what size does it appear ie comparable to normal pimples/acne which have open head thereby leaving a mark  or is it like measles which are fine small rash.
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To answer your questions - The typical HIV rash is slightly raised, small and dark in colour. In medical terms, it is called a maculopapular rash.It can affect any part of the body but usually affects the face and trunk and occasionally the hands and feet. Sometimes, there could be ulcers in the mouth or genitals.
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what do you mean when you say slightly raised.....compared to measles or just in general ie raised from the skin.

the risk i had fingering a prostitute with finger that had severly peeled off skin and had bled some 3hrs before the act but I did not see blood during the fingering episode.The prostitute was so wet.
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In general, raised from the skin. Fingering does not pose any HIV risk of transmissions either you have a scratch, abrasion, peeled off skin and other superficial cuts.....These cuts doesn't give enough pathway to your veins / blood stream.  blood to blood transmission requires a WOUND that neeeds serious medical attention.
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