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I had anal sex with a guy who wore a condom in november 2009.  I had my suspicions he removed the condom . I tackeled him on this and he said he had not. Many arguments ensued and he has now broken all contct with me. He said he works in a hospital and been tested every 3 months and was only tested 3 weeks ago and was tested as part of his employment contract at the GUM Clinic and is still clear.
I on the other hand have been dimented since the encounter in November. I attended the GUM clinic abiut 4 days after the encounter and was tested - negative- and was asked to com back in February for a further test.
I have been off work since then with stress anxiety and depression and was prescribed Fluoxetine which I took for 6 -7 weeks and found I had problematic side effects with this drug. My IBS kicked in and i have been ill with this. I stopped taking the Fluoxetine 3 weks ago and have now developed a rash all over ny body face and neck.
Tiny purplish spots predominate of which some are itchy. this is some 12 weeks after my initial encounter
Can you help
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i doubt he removed the condom...why would he?  he wanted to protect HIMSELF from you since he didnt know YOUR status.

condom protected sex = no risk.  move on with your life.

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Thanks for your post lizzie, appreciated.

However, I still believe he took the condom off as he originally wanted bareback.

Am worried about my rash. I have no apparent other symptoms.
The rash is all over my body includng feet. My face is burning. The rash appeared at the weekend some 12 weeks from my encountr with this guy. Is it possible this rash is HIV related or would it have appeared a lot earlier.

Could you please respond I am distraught
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Thanks. Great help. This iste is so good and quick response every time
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