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Reliability of mouth swap hiv test

I had an unprotected vaginal exposure and I was wondering what is the reliability of oral mouth swab tests.i had one at three week/8 weeks and just shy of 12 weeks.all where negative.what are my chances that these tests are false negatives.am I in the clear.i have had symptoms.
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Nothing has changed since your last thread.
So you haven't had symptoms.
So you think I'm overreacting.if it's nit any STD then why did it start two weeks after my exposure.im not a paranoid kind of person.im really freaked out because as you know.my scrotum rash is still not showing any sign of going away.if I could take a picture I would show you I'm not making this up.from your experience and expertise.i don't have hiv?
your testing already proves you are hiv negative, that is a certainty!!!!
Go see a dermatologist for your rash.
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no one needs a picture, the answers will not change.  you've tested negative, we've answered your hiv related questions more then once. this isn't the section for std/stis, you wilk need to ask the section,  but it's not HIV. you've also seen a doctor for it.  do you think your dr is wrong too? have you had more medical training then him or her? you say your not paranoid, but not listening to answers or doctors seem to prove otherwise.
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