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Risk Of HIV for this situation

I am a heterosexual male.

About a month ago I did something stupid. I was at a strip club after a busy hell week at work and intended to drop about $300-$400 on vip lap dances to unwind. I had no idea that I would be offered actual sex. I ended up paying the stripper $300 to have sex with her in the vip room. We used a condom which she had. We made out, with tongue, and I had protected vaginal intercourse with her. I also touched the condom after it had been inside her and I am unsure if I had any cuts on my fingers. No oral sex. Now a month later I notice I have a sore throat and white fuzzy film on my tongue. My throat has green mucous. I have visited sites that talk about thrush and leukoplakia being symptoms of AIDS, and am scared. I admit I tend to be a hypochondriac though. The woman is a prostitute, and I have no idea how many men she had sex with before me. HIV status of the woman unknown.

My questions: Based on my situation, what is the likelyhood that I have contracted HIV?

Anything you can say to reassure me would be helpful because I am a negative person and always assume the worst. Worrying about this is affecting my day to day life. I was in a moment of weakness when she offered and I will never do it again. I will also get tested in a few months (after the window period).
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Zero. You didn't have a risk.
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No risk? Even with my symptoms. I also had inflamed gums for a while, and my tongue s coated with a white fuzzy coating that always comesw back when I brush it away.
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"We used a condom"  Your symptoms have nothing to do with HIV.
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Ok Teak last question - I promise (I'm sorry I really am paranoid and I don't want to be a pest..

Before you answer I would just like to thank you for all your help. I have looked around these forums and you are an active and extreamly intelligent and well informed member (I checked your profile too), and are doing a great public service both to people already diagnosed, and insane hypochondriacs like myself.

My VERY LAST question: I realize I had little to no chance of exposure, however i have been looking at photos of Oral Hairy Leukoplakia online and think they might resembele my tongue. Granted most of the with fuzzy film on my tongue is on the top of the tongue itself, with little to no white on the bottom or lateral sides (although there is a little). So my question is:

Does Oral Hairy Leukoplakia occur in people who may have contraceted HIV a mere month ago, or is it pretty much only in the advanced stages of the disease, and I'm a paronoid psycho with some other medical problem?

Thanks Teak, I really appreciate it.
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OHL isn't specific to HIV. You did not have a risk.
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