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Scared about possibly acquiring HIV

Ok here it goes -

Over the past couple of months, I have been very promiscuous.  I am a gay male.  I have performed oral sex on many men (and swallowed) and have had protected anal sex as the bottom.  I have never had unprotected anal intercourse.  I always check condoms after sex for breakages.  I am certain that every anal intercourse encounter I have had has been protected.  I always ask partner's HIV status before engaging in any sort of sexual activity.  I do not engage with guy's that are unsure about their status, are positive or are evasive in their answer.

The riskiest encounter I had was 2-3 weeks ago where a guy ejaculated on my buttocks.  He then proceeded to finger my anus with his semen.  The fingering probably happened around 1 minute after he ejaculated.  He claims to be HIV negative and I believe him.  Experts say that being fingered with semen is a ZERO risk activity; it just seems that this activity would still pose SOME RISK.

Today is Wednesday.  Over the weekend I developed a very bad sore throat with swollen lymph nodes in my neck.  No fever (highest temperature I had was 99.0 F).  Only symptoms I had were a very bad sore throat with swollen lymph nodes.  I suspected strep throat.  I went to an urgent care clinic on Monday and rapid strep test was negative.  I was prescribed Penicillin and a throat culture was sent to a lab for testing.  Literally within 12-24 hours after taking the antibiotic, my throat cleared up!  No more swollen lymph nodes in neck and no more sore throat.  The strange thing is the clinic said the throat culture tested negative for strep........  Not sure what is going on here.  I do feel the nurse did not do the best job in swabbing my throat (swab was hitting my tongue and cheeks).

I took a rapid HIV test (Oraquick) on Monday and it was negative.  I am just worried I may have HIV.  I do not have any symptoms.  Only symptoms I ever had was the sore throat with swollen lymph nodes in my neck.  That lasted for about 3 days and now my throat and lymph nodes are normal.

Should I be concerned I contracted HIV if I have never engaged in unprotected anal intercourse?  Most of the time I perform oral on men and swallow.  Occasionally I will bottom (protected of course).

Thank you for your time.
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If you only had oral sex you had zero risk for HIV, and you do not require testing.
what about being fingered rectally with semen?
Not a risk.  HIV loses its ability to infect once it's no longer in the body.  Sexually, HIV is transmitted ONLY by having unprotected, penetrative anal or vaginal sex.
ok thank you
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