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Swollen neck glands and sore throat

Hello, I am male that had insertive anal sex with another male of unknown status.  I wore protection but used an oil base lube during sex. During sex, his rectal juices got all over the condom and I concluded our activity. The condom did not appear to break during our brief encounter. 4 days after I developed swollen nodes under my jaw and a bad sore throat. The swollen glands have remained swollen for over 4 weeks and are even visibly enlarged. I took full std panel on day 11 and was negative for everything including hiv. I know this is too soon to test but I have been very anxious  about this exposure. Since then I've had pain in my shoulders and groin, mild burning present in my penis but not when urinating. I've had no fever, or rash that I can tell, however the swollen neck persists.

My question is, is 4 days too soon for a lymphatic reaction to HIV? If not, then could my swollen nodes be a coincidence or anxiety?
Also, is it possible that his rectal juices infected me from being on my skin?

I plan to test soon but I'm very concerned that I will be positive from this encounter.  
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Did you see a doctor about the swollen nodes? Everyone who has no risk pokes their nodes then posts here that they think they are swollen. It is important to see doc if you really do have a problem that lasts that long, but you don't have hiv so it's time to move on from lymph self diagnosis.
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Thank you for the comment. I have gone to the doctor and he wasn't concerned by my sore throat and swollen glands. I was given some pain medication and sent on my way. It's been about 6 weeks and under my chin is visibly swollen but no longer painful but the pressure makes me uncomfortable and I can feel it in my ears. Is this something found in a primary infection?  
This forum is only focused on HIV concerns, and you were advised by several members that you were not at risk for HIV.  Our members are not able to provide support for anxiety, and we hope you are able to continue working with a doctor to determine the cause of your non-HIV related medical issues.

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You didn't have a risk for HIV, since the condom didn't visibly break.  HIV enters through the urethra of your penis - not other parts of your penis or testicles, or any other part of your body, and it only does so when exposed during intercourse.  Since the head of your penis was covered during intercourse, you weren't at risk for HIV.

And yes, 4 days is too soon to have a reaction due to HIV.  Look for another cause of your swollen nodes and other medical issues.  They don't have anything to do with HIV.
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Thanks for the assessment. After the encounter it did burn immediately after when I urinated but not any other time. Is it possible that rectal juice can come in contact with the urethra but not pass anything other than bacteria? I'm concerned the condom failed without me noticing. The symptoms I've had were so severe and so coincidental that I'm losing my mind and body from anxiety.  
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