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Small finger wound and hiv + HbSag +??

Hello and sorry for my English..
i am a midwife student and had a little accident... As i went to my practice day in the emergency room was a pregnant women who at first i didn't informed she was hiv positive and hepatitis b possitive.. when she stood up from the bed i went with bare hands(silly I know) to dispose the sheet she was sitting on.. after that my eye caught her  history file which was hiv(+) HbSag (+) then i remembered that i had a small red wound around my skin nail which was not bleeding (i pressured it to check) and i m not sure if it came in touch with blood our fluids which probably the sheet had on... I washed my hand with soap and alcohol.. The woman was taking her medications.. my supervisor told me not to worry and no need for Pep.
1) if my small red wound touched blood, fluids or amniotic fluids am i at high risk of getting hiv or hep b?

2) at 16 and 22 day after the possible exposure i did hiv 1/2 antibodies and antigen test which came back negative..is this accurate? I am so anxious...

Thank you all for your time!!!!!!
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Your small red wound would be probably healed and sealed which post no risk for the exposure you mentioned above.
No further test is necessary and if u decided to test further for that exposure i am sure the result will remain the same,negative.
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Thank you so much for your replying.. i love my job and i always wear gloves and one time i didn't i came with this anxious situation ...
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