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Suspected Vaginal Fluid Transmission

Hi Doc,Had sex with a sex worker here in India,though the intercourse was protected but the condom might have slipped at the end where i was the receptive partner and felt some vaginal fluid on penis head.After one week i experienced continuous dizziness,blurred vision,acute gastric for 9 days,small lymph node swelling in neck,muscle aches and burning sensation specifically in hips and a total of 13.2 pound weight loss in six week post exposure and i am not hypochondriac and its not obsessive compulsive disorder for sure.Eye Specialist suggest acute muscle weakens and prescribed glasses and exercise.
ID Doctor Tested: HIV 1 DNA PCR 21 Days Negative,HIV Ab/Ag Combo CMIA and ECLIA 6 week Negative,CMV IGm Positive,HSV 1/2 Negative,HIV Ab/Ag Combo Abbott Architect CMIA 13 week Negative,HIV 1 DNA PCR Negative 14 week and RNA Viral Load RT-PCR Negative,Syphilis VDRL/TPHA 13 Week Negative,TB Test Negative,FNAC of lymph node (no malignant cell found) and Hep A,B,C,E Negative 4 month.Blood Work suggest some infection but not sure what as my Total Leucocyte Count is 2950 ( Range 4000-11000) cell and declining. Neutrophils 32% and Lymphocyte 56%.My ID Doc is not supporting now and i am not sure what to do where to go. Not sure if i am absolutely HIV Negative.Please advise (Expecting Dr.HHH).

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This isn't the doctors' forum. Your test at 13 weeks proves you are conclusively negative, and that is if you had a risk in the first place.

"the condom might have slipped" ... I'm not sure what that means.

Either way, whatever happened, your results prove that you are negative.
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