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Unprotected Insertive Oral sex - Oral thrush a sign of HIV?

Good day everyone! I want to apologize if my question might be offensive to anyone. I am new to thia forum. I had an Unprodtected oral sex with a Masseur Sept. 22, 2021 and i panicked right after and when to a community health provider and ask for an opinion because i think what i did is a very risky situation and i normally dont do sex with strangers. They told me that the risk is very low and advised me to take the rapid test that day and  its negative.By the way im on twynsta a hypertensive medicine)This medication was prescribe to me by my cardiologist around the time unprotected insertive oral sex. Then after a month a retested again through rapid test.( this is the most accessible for us) and negative. After this i had a dental procedure. I had my wisdom tooth taken out and was on antibiotic medication.  After this, I keep having sores and very dry mouth almost every other week.I am also losing weight but i am not sure if it related to that exposure bexause  i have been in a very strict diet and running to lose weight because my cholesterol is high. And i finally did another test where blood was taken out of my vein and sent to the lab.  I am waiting for the result now and keep having anxiety. Btw, i tested negative for syphillis, hepa a,b and c.
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I just want to agree that your activity was not a risk for HIV.  Unless you have unprotected vaginal or anal sex or share IV drug needles, you will never have to worry about HIV.  Hiv is a much harder virus to transmit than people think!
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btw, i had my test on my 85th day after exposure and still waiting for the results.
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Oral is zero risk, so you wasted your time testing. Don't bother getting your latest result because no one in history has gotten hiv from oral. Further testing will indicate hiv fixation, so move on instead.

Any health problems you are experiencing have nothing to do with a hiv disease you don't have.
Thank you for your response.I will try to be more responsible in the future.
You can do what you did anytime and be safe from hiv.
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