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Weighing up risk and symptoms

Had some protected top anal experiences recently with transgender females.

Always wore condoms so their should be no risk.

Just recently one side of my throat sore for a week and now I have pain on both sides where the back meets the chest.

As far as I know there should be no risk I'm just not sure if my sore throat and painful aches on both sides of body (not sure if armpit lymph nodes) is ars symptoms.
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You wisely used a condom and that ensured your safety. Unless there was a condom failure in either of your events, no risk can be associated.

See a GP for your ailments, they are unspecific to HIV. You don't need to test.
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Thanks. On condom failure I guess this would be quite obvious and impossible to miss. I. E shredding?
Yes. Evidently visible. You weren't at risk. It's time for you to move on with your life.
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