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Weird Situation! How safe was my sae sex?

I'm a frequent visitor of brothels, and I take sysphilis and hiv tests every 8 months or so.

The sex acts I take part involve protected vagina, and unrpotected oral both ways (I get blowjobs and I perform cunnilingus).

I should be ok right? BUT

I took a rapid hiv test and rapid syphilis test yesterday and Syphilis came back positve while hiv came back negative. Thing is I never noticed a chancre or something of the sort. Also I am very preocuppied since I checked some of the old doctors' post, and whenever syphilis has been mentioned they worry about hiv even if only safe sex was involved.

I am going to get results of a duo also preformed yesterday with the same blood sample and a VDRL in two weeks. My last enocunter in a brothel was on July 18, so when I get my results for the duo, if negative I'm going to get another duo done to exclude infection from the last exposure.

My qestions are:

1. Given that I engaged in unpotected oral and protected vaginal with a syhpilis infection do my evnts stay safe with regard to HIV? I never noticed condom breakage.

2. Should I be preparing mentally for a positve hiv test?

I am on a downward emotionl spiral, I would apreciate honest answers.

Thanks guys.
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Like you were told, protected sex is not a risk for infection
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Thanks for your input. Does anyone have a differing opinion?
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Protected sex is safe sex
Get treated for syphilis.
Till then don't have sex
Avoid going to brothels
Even there is a chance of condom slip or breakage @ what will u do then .
Imagine a place all know here we can pay and have sex .what kind of people will come there .many hiv positive and would be ones .the girls don't know anything out there . And if some bad situation occurs u can't get the source patient and get her checked for hiv .
If you had protected sex u will not contract hiv . But an advice is an advice
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I forgot to add that on the week of July 20 I had a very sore thorat for which I got antibiotics and it wnt away in thro or four days. I dn't know if it went away on its own or because of h antibiotics.
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