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What is my hiv risk from m2m penis rubbed on skin, between thighs?

I had m2m sex. He rubbed his penis between my legs from the back without any penetration in me.( just rubbing back and fort without any anal intercourse) Then he ejaculated and we saw that the condom has been broken and realized that his semen was between my legs on my perineum.

1) While he was rubbing his penis, could there be any abrasions occured on my skin and his semen came into contact with the abrasion and infected me with Hiv?

2) While he was rubbing his penis, could there be any abrasions occured on my skin and on his skin, which came into contact and infected me with Hiv?

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If no penetration with or without condom there is zero risk for HIV.
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Thanks Invasion179. In some websites it writes that hiv can be transmitted through cuts, and broken skin, in this case am I at risk?
stop googling about HIV risk. You can dig it here, where Dr. HHH said, there is no risk from your activities. Move on with your life. U have no HIV risk.
Thanks a lot Invasion179. All the best.
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You had no risk. In an adult, only unprotected anal or vaginal sex and sharing IV drug needles with infected users are a risk for infection. Nothing else including what you described above is a risk for HIV.
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Thanks Chima, even if there occured a cut or abrasion due to rubbing?
Please read my reply again, as I fully answered your question.
Thanks Chima, you calmed me down. All the best.
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Glad to read you were using a condom as in general, that is safe practice.  But as others have said, the only way you get hiv is from unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse or sharing IV drug needles. Air inactivates the virus.  So, rubbing between your legs would not result in transmission of HIV.  Even if you had an abrasion of some sort, this would not be a path to transmission.  So, no worries.  
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