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What’s happening to me?

Hey all. I’m an 18 year old man from the north of England. On Friday last week I had unprotected sex with a girl who was ‘on the pill’ silly me thinking this was safe. Fast forward to Sunday and my friends dog (which I’m allergic to) is all over me and my nose won’t stop running till Monday morning, on Monday (for me yesterday) I had a slight fever and sore throat, and then came the shock - the girls ex boyfriend cheated on her, and they last had sex on the 24th June, and she had a period after this, important to note. However I’m now worried I may have contracted HIV from this, could anybody please help me?? She assured me he did not ‘finish’ on the 24th as she was not on the pill, so what could this be??
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Did you have unprotected penetrating anal or vaginal with her? If so that is an HIV risk and you need to test with a duo at least 4 weeks from your encounter.
HIV is not diagnosed from symptoms, or periods and the dog is also irrelevant since HIV negative people have those situations as well. (I don't know why you think the period or dog could have any importance anyway.)
Nothing is pointing towards you having HIV so try to relax until you can test. Or you can get her to test with a duo now since she is past the 4 week window, as long as she hasn't had any other unprotected since 4 weeks ago. (Your story seems to indicate she didn't have any other since June 24.) Any test is conclusive after 3 months so you can get her to test with anything after Sept 24.
It was vaginal unprotected
The reason I mentioned the dog was because it said online you get flu like symptoms after a week or so and I got these symptoms relatively the day after
And they only started around the dog but are a lot stronger than common allergies it seems
Also the reason I mentioned periods was because she said that other guy didn’t finish and she had her period later on in the timeframe, so If he didn’t ejacualte, I’m aware of pre *** but surely the chances are lower?
Forget about the symptoms.  That was your dog allergy or a cold.  If you HAD flu-like symptoms from contracting HIV, they would be far more severe than a runny nose and sore throat.  

Just go to a GUM clinic and test now for your conclusive result.  They use 4th generation tests, so test and be done with the questions.
His encounter was Friday only 4 days ago. It seems the girl didn't have unprotected since June 24 but he didn't confirm - if so then she can test now with GUM and indirectly get his result for him as long as he trusts her.
I was assuming she will test negative. If positive that doesn't mean you have it, so you will need to test at 28.
My bad - got the dates mixed up.   And correct - if the girl tests negative right now, then she didn't have HIV when the two of them had intercourse.  
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