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Will I get infected with HIV?

I had sex with a prostitute on June 3rd. However the condom was in her vagina when I pulled out, and the possible unprotected process lasted no more than 5min. I was not circumcised. I got PEP consisting of Isentress and Truvada within 8 hours after exposure. I took the pills punctually for 29 days and didn't miss one dose. I tested 4th generation for negative on 0 days and 15days after completion of PEP. I don't know whether the prostitute is HIV+. Will I seroconvert in the following tests, or can I test HIV DNA to exclude the infection. I can't bear the anxiety if I need to test until 6 months after exposure. Now I have been suffering from chronic pharyngitis for more than one month. I think 8h is fast enough to prevent the infection of Memory T cells. Thanks!

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Chances of your getting HIV from a single act of unprotected sex (because you said, the condom was dislodged completely) were already low, and went down further after you administered PEP. So in reality, your risk was absolutely minimal.

HIV test is recommended four weeks after completion of PEP, so suggest you just to repeat the test after another two weeks, collect your conclusive report and move on with your life normally. It is believed that your next 28 day test will not be different from what you got now
Thank you very much!!!
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I failed to read any thing that mentions your urethra was exposed unprotected, it is not unusual to have a condom slip during vaginal intercourse, if the urethra was covered at all time, there is no risk that can be associated to this event.

I am not sure how did you manage to get a PEP prescribed for this, it's a shame that a doctor recommended you this, PEP is recommended only when it's a known exposure with an HIV positive individual or a possible exposure within the high risk population i.e. LGBTQ community or an exposure in a PWID setting.

You do not need a DNA PCR, not only it isn't approved for diagnostic purposes but also, by the time it becomes an effective test to administer - 28 days post exposure, a relatively cheaper, approved and sensitive test - Duo (p24 ag and antibody combo) is good to give you a reliable result.

If your condom didn't fail and the urethra wasn't exposed, please discontinue your PEP and see a therapist to unlearn the information that you have gathered from browsing on the internet.

If otherwise, please finish your PEP, wait for 28 days get a duo test and move on. As explained by diver58, the chances of you dying right now while reading this from falling of your chair is higher than testing positive from this event.
Thank you for your response.  Indeed I'm not sure if my urethra was exposed. Probably the condom slipped off just when I pulled out. I've ever got AIDS phobia last year due to a condom breakage in my first sexual behaviour, and this was my second behaviour while I encountered a condom slip, so I bought PEP without any hesitation. I just wanna do my best to  reduce the risk to minimum.
You are increasing your health risks by taking this placebo drug. PEP has potential permanent side effects, whereas having zero risk for hiv has no effects.
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