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Worried about HIV results

I'm scared as hell since last tuesday because I went to the doctor to get my HIV results from the MEIA exam I had myself done. It has been 13 weeks since the last and only unprotected sexual intercourse I've had, and when I told that to the doc, he showed me the results: 2.00 S/CO, which as he told me meant reactive (>1.00). Of course, he sent the sample for a WB (which will be ready in 2-3 weeks, the time is sincerely killing me), but he said it was most likely a false positive since by this time (13 weeks after exposure), my inmune sistem should have produced much more antibodies than what the results showed, though he couldn't assure me anything. There are some things I forgot to tell him: the day after the exam I got a nasty flu, with runny nose and sore throat. Another thing is, I had been given a hepatitis B vaccine 2 weeks before the exam. According to some research I did on the internet, both things could lead to a false positive. I know the last word will be on the WB results, but, for my mental wellbeing, I just want to know your opinions about 1) Based on your experience, wether 2.00 S/CO is a frequent result for HIV reactive individuals, or if it legitimately leaves a (big?) room for doubt 2) if it makes any difference that the exam was done past the window period AND that the results were relatively little above the threshold (shouldn't it be 30, 100 or 400 by this time?), and 3) Does it really matter that I was about to show symptons of flu when I took the exam (I've heard that usually when you get ill, there's a period of time in which you have the infection but you don't show symptoms), meaning some HIV-like antigens may have been detected by the exam, or that I had been given a hepatitis B vaccine 2 weeks before the exam? Thank you SO much for reading this, I hope you understand I've never been so worried in my life, and some word of advice would relieve much more than you would imagine.
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Where did you get the MEIA test done?
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At my med school health center (which, in my country, comes out to be relatively good), after having an appointment with an internist who gave me a medical order for the test.
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Your country being where?
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It said in your profile Los Angeles, CA.  A MEIA test does not give a Viral Load result. You'll have to wait on your WB.
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