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Worried about drunken encounter

Hi Dr., this is my first time posting on this forum. I'm an American female studying abroad in Italy, and about five weeks ago I got very drunk and met an Italian man one night while out with friends. I am pretty sure we kissed and I may have received oral from him later on that night, but I cannot remember if we had actual intercourse, and if we did I am not sure if there was a condom involved. I do remember stumbling back to my room and falling asleep in my own bed, where I woke up the next morning hungover and confused. I do not know the man, and so cannot contact him to ask about that night. This would have been only my second sexual encounter ever, and I did not feel sore in my pelvic or vaginal area at all afterwards, so I'm tempted to think I did not have intercourse with him, but I'm still worried. I don't think I am pregnant, as I am on birth control and have not experienced any pregnancy symptoms. I am, however, extremely worried about contracting any STD's from that night. I've been experiencing some vaginal itchiness and increased discharge, but that is usual for me because of side effects from the birth control I am taking (I had these two symptoms checked out by a gynecologist over the summer before this encounter and she said that I was perfectly fine). What are my chances of having contracted HIV or any other kind of STD? And how soon can I get tested for these things? I am very anxious about this. I keep compulsively looking up symptoms for all kinds of things online, and I haven't been able to sleep at times for worrying. Mostly I'm worried about having contracted HIV... Thank you very much.
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Had you had penetrative sex you would have remembered the next day. You didn't havve a risk of contracting HIV.
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Please be careful and do not get drunk with strangers that only leads to AIDS and other STDs. Take it as a lesson.
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You don't contract AIDS. Geesh...
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Sorry I meant HIV which could lead to AIDS in many years to come.
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Thanks everyone for the responses. I'll definitely be more careful in future.
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