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broken condom

Hi. Last nite i had 5 mins sex with a person i just met. I am male and we did doggy position. I was wearing a condom but at some point it cracked somewhere in the middle. When i took out my pennis the tip was still covered but i noticed sperm was coming from the side where it cracked. What are the odds i got infected with hiv? Please help.
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Never seen a condom break just at the side, it breaks wide open and the tip is not exposed.

A broken condom is a risk and a test at 3 months should be done.
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i only found out that it was cracked after i removed and reviewed it...it was all in 1 piece
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When condoms fail they fail catastrophically by design.
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Thanks, i appreciate your comments...any doctor's opinion? i posted so I could get some specific answer in relation to my incident...I evaluated the situation: the entire tip was still in place (I removed the condom pulling the tip, and this is when the sperm came out from the crack on the side) the condom came out complete, and I had to make a second review with more light to find out what happened...other forums say I have close to zero risk, but I wanted some additional expert advise...I will do the test for sure, but professional opinion will help a lot.thanks
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You want a doctor to answer post in the Expert Forum pay the fee and ask your question.
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ok will do thanks
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